Friday , 25 May 2018

8 Tech Hacks You Need to Know for Your Computer


In the time of tablets and cell phones, your PC is likely gathering dust. Dropped your workstation in excess of twenty times? Doesn’t make a difference, you’re generally on your telephone in any case. These massive machines aren’t out of date presently. They’re still more productive than our new contraptions from various perspectives. It’s too awful we’re not in affection with them like we were in 1999 in light of the fact that PCs still have a few traps up their sleeve.

Can Dave Grohl enable you to hack into your sweetheart’s workstation on your measly iPhone5S? I don’t think so. Truly, our PCs and PCs are still extremely great and to clarify why, here are 10 Tech Hacks You Need to Know for Your Computer.

It’s basic learning that keeping a case on your PC is awesome for assurance however a risk with regards to overheating.



While cases shield your PC from marks and scratches, it likewise encourages it from getting excessively hot while being used. As indicated by essayist Jacob Clifton, “The case around your PC’s guts is there to shield it from earth and fluff, which is a standout amongst the most well-known reasons for overheating. Clean, pet hair, and all whatever is left of the day by day grime are the greatest reason for PC temperature issues, since they meddle with the fans intended to chill your gear off. On the off chance that you’ve at any point aired out a case and took a gander at the fans inside, you won’t have overlooked that grungy sight. Case shut, please.”


 Mouse Away

On the off chance that you have issues with your annoying mouse, we’ve discovered an answer. Toss that genuine annoyance away and adhere to your trusty console.

Here’s a rundown that demonstrates to utilize a PC while never using a mouse. Envision blowing through many messages without a solitary snap, and restful perusing the Internet without getting tangled up in a mouse wire (for those of regardless you stuck in the 90s).


Access Your Computer From Anywhere

In the fourth portion of “Know Your Network,” LifeHacker favored perusers with a stunning lesson: How to get to your home PC from anyplace.

Presently when you take some time off and your irritating sibling needs to house sit, you can watch out for what’s happening by means of webcam. Isn’t innovation extraordinary?


Computer Can Talk

It’s valid. Your PC can talk. In any case, don’t get excessively energized every one of you Theodore Twomblys out there, PCs don’t have emotions—yet.

In case you’re an Apple proprietor, attempt these basic strides to get your PC to talk.

1. Go to Finder and open up your Applications

2. Snap Utilities and after that open Terminal

3. Another window should open up. At that point compose “say” and include any words or sentences you need and press enter.

Voilà! Your PC can talk.

Suck it, Siri.


A Clean Desktop

Does your work area resemble a total and overpowering wreckage?


Tragically, work area mess can truly back off your PC. Luckily, there’s a straightforward arrangement.

Well there you have it. A little tech hack can go far.

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